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At Cutting Edge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we're showing you the intersection of traditional BJJ training and hybrid disciplines like Kickboxing. We're here to offer you high-quality training for a real-world self-defense system. Whether you find yourself in a close-range stand-up confrontation or a ground-based grappling scenario, you'll have the skills to come out on top and keep yourself and those around you safe from danger. But aside from the comprehensive fighting techniques that we teach to our clients, we also offer a truly revolutionary approach to fitness and total body training. Using the motivation and progression that our systems instill, you'll push yourself like never before in the group class setting where you can feed off the energy of those around you. From our youngest Kids Martial Arts students to the first-timers and the high-level athletes in our adult classes, every client at Cutting Edge BJJ is treated like an absolute priority. Are you ready for a better training system? Fill out the form on your screen today get started today!

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I have a very high stress job as a corrections officer. The academy has become a place I can go to stay in top physical shape and destress from my day. This place is my therapy. ~Isac Chaves

Isac Chaves, State Correctional Officer, East Jersey State Prison

Training at Cutting Edge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been nothing short of a life changing experience. Since day one the academy has played a major & positive role in my life, helping me get into shape, learning how to defend myself, and building confidence. It has helped me prove that anything I set my mind to I can achieve. Martial Arts is truly a great way to improve in all aspects of your life, and CEBJJ gives you just that, from the head instructor down to the newest member of the team. If you've ever felt hesitant to try a martial arts academy stop right there because it's one big family, and we will welcome you with open arms or a friendly stranglehold. ~Eric Llerena

Eric Llerena, State Correctional Officer, East Jersey State Prison

I came to CEBJJ in February 2010 overweight, out of shape and pre diabetic from years of poor eating habits. Professor Manuel and CEBJJ were able to set and motivate me to achieve goals which is a staple of the academy. Everyone at CEBJJ is humble and welcoming, a family in every sense of the word, I hope to continue that example for any new students who may pick our academy to change their lives. ~Marcelo Aguilar

Marcelo Aguilar, Director of Human Resources

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