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  • Professor Manuel Wins GOLD!

    Professor Manuel Wins GOLD!

    Professor Josef Manuel competed again this past weekend at the 2023 IBJJF Atlanta International Open and in Ze Cobra fashion put on a show for the spectators. Apart from Manuel there was only one other athlete in the Master 4 Feather Weight category which pit them against each other to dispute a finals match. As soon as the referee gave the command "combate" the action commenced with Manuel scoring two points from a collar drag takedown. His opponent answered back with a sweep of his own which tied the match 2 -2 only 45 seconds into the match. After being reset in the center of the mat from having gone out of bounds with his opponent in the double under position Manuel attacked with a ....

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  • 2023 Atlanta International Open

    2023 Atlanta International Open

    A small but fierce delegation of our competitors went out with Professor Manuel to represent Team Chokelab at the 2023 IBJJF Atlanta International Open this weekend. We are proud of every single one of these amazing warriors! Alyara Manuel - SILVER Jolia Manuel - GOLD Josef Manuel - GOLD Nelson Duarte - BRONZE ....

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  • Double Gold at the New Haven Open!

    Double Gold at the New Haven Open!

    After an amazing year of international competitions across the country Josef Manuel ends the year with another successful campaign at the IBJJF New Haven Open. In the featherweight division Manuel put on a display of technical superiority over his opponent executing a beautiful takedown within the first few seconds of the match. In addition to the 2 points scored Manuel added another 3 points on the scoreboard after securing a guard pass immediately after the Morote Seoinage take down. Once in the side control position Manuel set up an elaborate arm isolation system (front crucifix) where he was able to submit his opponent with a beautiful super brabo strangle. In the Absolute division ....

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  • New Podcast interview!

    New Podcast interview!

    Today on the Forever White Belt show we have Professor Josef "Ze Cobra" Manuel. Josef is a 4th degree black belt under the legendary Robson Mora. Josef is a multiple time champion, gold medalist, and the owner of Cutting Edge BJJ in Harrison, New Jersey. There is so much gold to mine from the beginning to the end of this episode, it's a must listen for hobbyists, competitors, and academy owners alike. It's always an honor to speak to someone with so much experience and mastery in the art. Just a reminder to please give us a 5 star review on Apple Music and Spotify and share this podcast with a friend it really helps us out. Please leave us feedback and suggestions on ....

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  • Limitless Radiocast Episode 65

    Manuel talks about his background and how he started. We get into some of his teaching techniques as well as how he's implementing some new beginner stuff at his own gym. We even get into a little talk with possibly recording matches from a drone perspective. Manuel is a great man, father and husband so sit back and enjoy the show! Click on the link to find Professor Manuel's social media accounts: IG - @zecobra_bjj Gym - @cuttingedge_bjj   ....

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  • Jiu Jitsu Dummies Podcast with Josef Manuel

    We're joined by Professor Josef Manuel. Prof Manuel is a coach, competitor, and creator of the incredibly popular CHOKELAB BRAND . Check out the episode and let us know what you think. For some of the best BJJ content on Instagram visit @zecobra_bjj ....

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  • Professor Manuel Wins Gold!

    Professor Manuel Wins Gold!

    Professor Manuel put on a show for the spectators at the 2022 IBJJF Indianapolis International Open this past Saturday. He won with ease not having a single point scored against to secure the gold medal. ....

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  • Professor Manuel Places For Silver!

    Professor Manuel Places For Silver!

    After nine years of absence from the competition circuit Professor Manuel decided to step back in and compete on the stage of one of the world's biggest events, the IBJJF Master's Worlds. Professor had two action packed matches to make it to the finals where he fell short of the Gold due to a hand injury two minutes into the match. Nonetheless all of us here at CEBJJ are happy and extremely proud of the results and the effort that our Professor has out forth as example to us all. ....

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    Professor Steven Abill of the GUMA Academy is now under the tutelage of Professor Josef Manuel. A long time friendship between these two gentlemen has gotten even stronger. We are super excited to see where our team will be with these two Academies working together. ....

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