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                                                                   Technique Tuesday: Leg Drag



Technique Tuesday: Leg Drag

This technique Tuesday Professor Manuel gives a visual breakdown of the very well-known leg drag Lasso guard counter. This amazing counter sets you up for the leg drag guard pass where you can attack from side control and or take the back. The Leg Drag is a technique commonly used as a way to control an opponent’s hips before advancing to the side control position. On the competition scene, the Leg Drag started being seen in its rudimentary form during the 1990’s, as an alternative to the toreador and stacking guard passes.

The Legends

The leg drag was enhanced by competitors such as Fernando “Terere”, Leo Vieira, and Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro. The groundbreaking leg drag technical advances seen on today’s tournament circuit are attributed to the new generation of world champions and innovators. In recent times the Mendes brothers implemented the Leg Drag as one of their key weapons. Through the success of the two brothers, many more followed, adding their own “flavor” to a position which is known today as one of the foundations of modern jiu-jitsu.

Keep Your Opponent Thinking

One concept that all top flight competitors subscribe to is the idea that constantly pressuring and switching left to right with your leg drag will keep your opponent thinking about defense. This will really help you pass their guard. Understanding what attacks your opponents will be throwing at you from their guard sequence is another piece of the guard passing puzzle.

With all of this in mind, one pass that can help improve your game tremendously is the leg drag pass. The best of the best use this pass, and have for decades.




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