• I wanted to let everybody know that as a mother of two kids that train at Cutting Edge BJJ it was one of the best decisions of my life. My son started first and professor Josef Manuel has been so supportive and such an inspiration to my son. He changed is life in so many ways. My son has a goal to go to college to get a business degree and save money to open is own school under Professor Josef Manuel. My son is on the competition team and has won several medals always with the professor and some of the higher ranking students that are also great instructors at Cutting Edge BJJ by his side guiding him. When you join Cutting Edge BJJ you became part of a beautiful big family. They help, love, respect and care for one another and that comes from the Professor Josef Manuel. I always say that people are born with a gift and his gift is teaching people about anything not just Jiu- Jitsu. People and I will say specially kids just listen to him with such an admiration and respect that is amazing. My daughter also started training last year and just this month joined the competition team. She has changed physically and emotionally so much and I have to thank Professor Josef Manuel, the great staff he has with him and also a shout out to all the great students. My husband always says that this is the best investment of our lives and I agree 100%. If you have doubts about it just go there and spend a few hours observing the classes but let me warn you that you will immediately feel that you belong there.

    Helena Ferreira
  • My experience at CEBJJ has been one of kind. Since I have joined, I feel more fit physically. That's not the only thing you work out at CEBJJ also your mind is worked out, every other day Professor Manuel shares a quote that makes you look at things in a different way. I live in P.A and there are many Jiu-Jitsu academies where I live, but I would rather be at CEBJJ my second home.

    Tiago Soares
  • Joining CEBJJ was the best decision I made in the past 10 years. The academy has helped me get into shape, its restored my confidence and more importantly introduced me to incredible bunch people that like me, wake up in the morning with a purpose. CEBJJ for life !!!

    Romeo Vela
  • With the private lessons that I took at CEBJJ with Josef Manuel I have been able to break through the jiu jitsu plateaus I have been experiencing in training. Josef has expanded my jiu jitsu to another level through the use of a variety of different techniques to improve my game. Josef has worked with me on a personal and physical level & I am very happy to be a member of CEBJJ. Osu!

    Max Lopes
  • I have had great time training at CEBJJ with Professor Josef. He has opened my eyes to a lot of things on and off the mat. Whether it’s how importent the little details are in BJJ or one of his motivational sayings or stories. The best part about everything is that how they all can be used in training or in life itself. I come from a wrestling background and he never shied me away from it when I throw some moves in the mix when rolling. I recently took a private with him that completely opened my eyes to how so many movements relate to one another. Not just what we went over but many moves in different positions or working different techniques. The movements are there you just have to adjust to the situation. All in all my experience has been great and I am looking forward to my next private lesson with Professor Josef. Taking a private lesson was one of the smartest things I have done besides signing up for another year of training at CEBJJ.

    Brian Wiltrout
  • I have known Josef for about 3 years now, since he was a brown belt. It was by chance that I even met him, as he helped out my Sensei Matheus Diaz when he was lost at the airport in California after the 2005 Mundials. That in essence defines Josef as a person. He is always helping people, whether it be in the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which he very much loves, or in life, he deeply cares about other people, particularly his students. Let's not forget that Josef is very good at Jiu Jitsu also with his proven competition track record.

    Igor Mendelevich
  • Cutting Edge is the best kept secret in North Jersey! Professor Josef offers traditiona l values combined with competition-level training to achieve balanced students. I've been going for about four months and have healed a back injury with the help of training and stretches. The conditioning program is proven and effective as shown by the instructors in their many tournament victories. I am definitely proud to be part of this dojo.

    Marcus Nieves
  • My son started training brazilian jiu jistu under Sensei Josef in the kids program. After watching his entertaining, intuitive methods of instruction, I felt safe to try it for myself. A mom, who hadn't been to the gym...ever! I was able to get in shape at a comfortable pace for me and saw my health and body improve almost instantly. Sensei showed us some self defense in the striking classes which included a little brazilian jiu jitsu - I was hooked and started training jiu jitsu as well. Shortly after starting jiu jitsu became pregnant with my second child and trained boxing the duration of my pregnancy. Sensei and students welcomed me and worked with me and the big belly. I felt good during my pregnancy and recovered quickly, resuming training in only a few weeks. I honestly feel the support, positive energy and family environment at Cutting Edge BJJ was the driving force behind me, pushing me to surpass stereotypes. Now, as a 32 year old mother of two, I am in the best shape of my life and have lots of energy to run, play and spar with my kids.

    Cristina Chavez
  • First and foremost, I was sold on the idea of the Nova Uniao’s vision of being the “Robin Hood” of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Each student receives the same attention and world class instruction regardless of their economic and social status. That vision appeared to be practiced at Prof. Josef Manuel’s academy. Not only does the academy emphasizes the quality of training that they provide, Prof. Josef Manuel also empowers his higher ranking students to help and guide his less inexperience students (white belts) like myself. Prof. Manuel also promotes to all his students the importance of family, camaraderie, brotherhood/sisterhood in his academy. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect for one another as teammates, under one umbrella, one family. The truth is Cutting Edge Academy has a healthy and positive atmosphere which makes it an enjoyable atmosphere for anyone to train at that school.

    E.R. Salanga
  • If you are thinking about training in MMA or Jiu Jitsu then you have to check out Cutting Edge first. I had trained in numerous other styles of Martial Arts and no other Sensei had articulated the same amount of knowledge about their craft as Prof. Josef Manuel. This is beyond a craft for him, it is his life. If asks you to do a particular move he will explain exactly why and how. If you feel uncomfortable with any part of the class, there is no pressure put on you from the students or the staff. You are an equal no matter what belt you have and your concerns and goals are Prof. Manuel’s main priority. I have only known Prof. Josef for a little over 2 years now but he has grown to become one of my closest friends. I can’t even properly portray in words the amount of respect and the level of caring he has for his students. If you are thinking about going to another school, please feel free to call me and I will tell you about my experience at CEBJJ and how it changed my life.

    Dan LeFante